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Neuroradiology Academic and Scholarly Activities

Our neuroradiology faculty members are board-certified, fellowship-trained neuroradiologists who have a strong interest in training future radiologists and/or contributing to research in neuroimaging and related fields.  Radiology residents and fellows are welcome to participate in and contribute to academic and scholarly activities within neuroradiology and are encouraged to approach any of our faculty with any ideas or interests.  Many of our neuroradiologists are very open to collaborations with other radiology subspecialties, other clinical disciplines, or the basic sciences, and potential collaborators are encouraged to contact the Section Chief or individual section members for assistance in identifying a suitable collaborating neuroradiologist.

Our neuroradiologists have authored multiple peer-reviewed research manuscripts, review articles, and book chapters and delivered presentations at professional meetings.  Below is a list of selected publications by faculty members of the Neuroradiology Division.


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