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Current Students:

Faisal Fakhouri (MS, PhD)

I am from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I have an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Technology from King Saud University in 2012. I worked with General Electric Healthcare for one year and a half as a field service engineer on MRI modality. After that I joined King Saud University as a faculty member the department of biomedical technology under the college of applied medical sciences. Currently, I am on a scholarship from King Saud University to pursue higher education (Masters and Ph.D.). I just finished first year of Masters in Biomedical engineering. My project focuses developing new drivers for MR Elastography.



Huiming Dong (MS, PhD)

 Huiming obtained MS degree in Biomedical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology (cum laude). Currently, he is pursuing his PhD degree in Department of Radiology. He develops and utilize MRE techniques to better understand the physiology of abdominal aortic aneurysm non-invasively within patients and animal models. His research interests are MR physics, pulse sequece development, fast imaging, image reconstruction and elastography inversion. One of his long-term goals is to obtain MD degree.



Deep Gandhi (MS)

Deep received his B.E. in Biomedical Engineering from Watumull Institute of Electronics Engineering and Computer Technology (Affliated to the University of Mumbai) in 2016 and is currently pursuing MS in Biomedical Engineering at The Ohio State University. His current interest is in kidney MRE. He is also interested in learning image processing and reconstruction and in developing pulse sequences. 






Daniel Canfield (BS)



Brittany Worch, Clinical Research Coordinator, Radiology

Dr. Harish Sharma, Research Scientist, Radiology


Brian Raterman, Imaging Manager, Radiology

 Brian received a B.S. in Radiologic Technology from The Ohio State University. He has worked as an MRI Technologist, and is currently an Imaging Manager in MRI. Brian trains and supervises other lab members in MRI safety and operation of the MRI scanner. He assists in MRE study protocol development, optmization, and acquisition of data for many of the MRE studies including Liver, Cardiac, Aorta, Pancreas, and Brain. He also functions as the Radiology MR Safety Officer and contact for any MR safely related questions.

Prateek Kalra, Research Associate Engineer, Radiology 

 Prateek received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Minnesota and M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Wright State University. He is involved in image processing, data analysis, prototyping and testing hardware and developing and testing MRE pulse sequences and assisting lab members with any technical difficulties. Currently, his main project is on Brain MRE.







Past Students and Fellows:

Dr. Waqas Majeed, PhD: Currently working at Siemens
Chris Ebersole, MS: Currently working as an Electrical Engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton
Sarah Lawson, BS: CRC in HVRO CT Surgery, OSU
Kovid Bhatnagar, MS: Electronic Engineer at WPAFB, Ohio
Priyanka Illapani, MS: Business Analyst at Adin Technologies Inc, Minnesota
Dr Ria Mazumder, PhD: Visiting Assistant Professor at Widener University, Pensylvania
Samuel Schroeder, BS: Process Engineer at ThermaTru, Indiana
William Kenyhercz: MPH student at University of Florida
Chethan Eleswarpu: MPH student at University of Cincinnati
Wael Marashdeh MD:  A Neuroradiology consultant
Juliana Serafim da Silveira MD: Currently pursuing PhD at OSU
Sangmin Cha, BS, PhD: Biomedical Engineer at PCTEST Engineering Laboratory, Maryland
Shantanu Warhadpande MD: Currently MD at OSU