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Residents Speak

Experience first hand the advantages of the Radiology program at The Ohio State Univeristy Wexner Medical Center.


"I think one of the best aspects of our program is the volume and complexity of our cases. We can pick and choose the best and most interesting/educational cases to read out and review with our attendings.  This way we can focus our learning on the most interesting cases of the day and pick cases that complement our level of training."

- Clayton Taylor, Class of 2016


"One of my favorite aspects of the program at Ohio State is that it is constantly striving to improve resident education with direct input from the residents. A prime example of this is the resident cabinet, which gives weekly feedback to the program director."

-Summit Shah, Class of 2015


“The Ohio State University has prepared me well for whatever challenges I may face after I finish residency. Our residents secure fellowships throughout the country at very prestigious institutions. I hope to have the opportunity to return to Ohio State to practice after my fellowship.”

- Brad Gans, Class of 2014