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Recent & Upcoming Scientific Presentations

Congratulations to all who are presenting at the ISMRM Annual Meeting!

ISMRM 2013 Annual Meeting (April 20, 2013- April 26, 2013)

Abduljalil A, Oluigbo C, Yang X, Kalnin A, Knopp MV, Rezai A. “Resting State fMRI During Spinal Cord Stimulation.”Electronic Poster.

Choi S, Mazumber R, Schmalbrock P, Knopp MV, White RD, Kolipaka A. “Potential of Diffusion Tensor Imaging as a Virtual Dissection Tool for Cardiac Muscle Bundles: A Pilot Study.” Traditional Poster.

Jia G, Nguyen HT, Pohar KS, Mortazavi A, Shah ZK, Wei L, Knopp MV. “Amide Proton Transfer MRI Evaluation of Bladder Cancer Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy.” Oral Presentation.

Jia G, Elias SN, Abaza R, Zynger DL, Shah ZK, Wei L, Bahnson RR, Knopp MV. “Effect of Saturation Pulse Duration and Strength on Parallel Transmission Based Amide Proton Transfer MRI of the Prostate.” Traditional Poster.