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Medical Students

Medical Student Director
Dr. Alex Grieco

Medical Student Clerkships
The Department of Radiology is committed to the educational experience of Medical Students.   We believe that radiology spans all medical fields of study, and adds depth to any specialty.  We attempt to broaden our student’s knowledge in order to mold superior physicians of the future.  Third and Fourth year Medical Students are provided a myriad of opportunities when it comes to Radiology.  We offer a Clinical Radiology Clerkship, Individual Studies, Away & International rotations, and a Pediatric Radiology rotation at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. In 2011 we established an IR Clerkship Rotation as well.

Clinical Radiology Clerkship
Our Clinical Radiology Clerkship is designed around the department as a whole.  During a four week rotation, students will have the ability to see Radiology through the eyes of a specialist, while working with residents and faculty.  The sections of focus include:  MSK, Neuroradiology, Abdominal, Chest, Interventional, Ultrasound, and Nuclear Medicine.  Medical Students will have the chance to view the daily activities in the reading rooms in addition to patient care areas.   Along with rotations, our students receive daily didactic lectures and case presentations from both residents and faculty.   Students further advance their Radiology education by producing a Teaching File Case and presenting it to the faculty, residents, and other students on rotation. 

Individual Studies
For those students who wish to have more one-on-one experience, we offer an Individual Studies rotation.  Once matched with a preceptor, students can focus their education on a specialized section.  Students may also choose to work on one of the many research projects within the department.

Interventional Radiology
The Interventional Radiology rotation is one that is clinically based and focused on patient care and teamwork. Participation is a must in the daily procedures, workup of consults, pre and post procedural patient care, and inpatient rounding when appropriate. Experience consists of five full days in the IR lab during the week

Away & International Rotations
Ohio State University Students who wish to further explore the field of Radiology are encouraged to visit other universities.  This is set up on an individual basis and curriculum requirements depend on the individual institution.  Institutions both within the United States and worldwide are considered.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital
The Ohio State University Medical Center, in conjunction with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, offers a rotation for students interested in Pediatric Radiology.  This four week rotation exposes students to a variety of departmental sections while maintaining a focus on children and young adults.

Visiting Medical Students
The Department of Radiology welcomes visiting students.  For more detailed information, please visit the OSU College of Medicine Visiting Students website.

* Allopathic Students (United States)
OSU will be accepting applications for the 2009-2010 academic year via the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) offered by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC).  Please visit www.aamc.org/vsas for more information regarding application requirements, catalog search, and contact information.

* Osteopathic Students (United States)
For information regarding application requirements, catalog search, and contact information, please visit our website http://medicine.osu.edu/.  Select future students-->curriculum-->visiting and international students-->link to Osteopathic Visiting Students. 

* International Students
All inquiries are referred to the Global Health Office.  For more information about visiting rotations, please contact:

      Laura Volk
      1190C Graves Hall
      333 W. 10th Avenue
      Columbus, OH  43210