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Sick and maternity benefits

Maternity and Paternity Leave:

The Ohio State University Medical Center provides up to six weeks of paid maternity leave and three weeks of paid paternity leave. No moonlighting during maternity or paternity leave will be permitted. Residents should be aware that the amount of leave taken may affect their ability to meet the requirements of the applicable certifying board. Because the length of maternity or paternity leave may impact the amount of time allowed away from a training program by a certifying board, the Program Director may utilize vacation time, sick leave, personal days, or conference leave to accomplish completion of the training requirements within the standard training period. The Program Director will attempt to obtain American Board of Radiology approval whenever appropriate, however, the ABR decision is the final decision.

Sick Leave:

Our policy is in compliance with the institutional policy for sick leave. Residents in radiology are considered full time and accrue paid sick leave at a rate of ten (10) hours per month for a total of one hundred and twenty hours per year.

Travel and vacation benefits