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Thoracic ImagingThoracic Radiology is a specialty of radiology that looks at the structure of the lungs and heart. It uses the following imaging modalities: X-Ray plain films, ultrasound, MRI, CT, and flouroscopy. Need for thoracic imaging occurs with such conditions as emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary embolism, diffuse lung disease, small airway disease, pulmonary nodules, dyspnea, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. Thoracic Radiology does approximately 36% of the imaging procedures within our department.

More information on Thoracic Radiology can be found at the following web sites:

Fleischner Society for Thoracic Imaging and Diagnosis

Society of Thoracic Radiology

European Society of Thoracic Imaging

Patient Educational Resources:

From http://www.radiologyinfo.com . This is a web site with descriptions of radiologic procedures.

  1. Radiography X-Ray of Chest
  2. CT of Chest
  3. CT of Body
  4. MRI of Chest
  5. MRI of Body
  6. Ultrasound
  7. Needle Biospy of Lung Nodules (an Interventional Radiologic Procedure)

Medline Plus, a web site of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health also has many links under diagnostic imaging.

http://www.chestx-ray.com/GenPublic/GenPubl.html gives an explanation of X-Ray technology and specifically a chest X-Ray.


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