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Imaging Science is dedicated to exploring the following imaging modalities: MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT (Computed Tomography), Ultrasound, PET (Positron Emission Tomography), PET-CT, and X-ray. The main interests of the group are DCE-MRI of tumors, cardiovascular contrast agents, MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography), Angiogenesis, and Molecular Imaging.  In addition to doing research within the aforementioned areas, the imaging science team conducts web-based conferencing with a number of collaborators, including the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OARnet), NIH/Clinical Center, and Biomedical Informatics. For our clinical and non-clinical research, we have many collaborators here at Ohio State, in industry, and on the national and international level.  See a detailed list.

The team is involved in attending and presenting at such scientific sessions as RSNA, ISMRM, ECR, ESMRMB, ASNR, SCAR, Deutscher Roentgenkongress (Wiesbaden, Germany), and the Society of Molecular Imaging.

Part of the history of Imaging Science includes the arrival of the 8-Tesla magnet during the last week of December 1997, which achieved the 8-Tesla field in February 10, 1998.

As part of such milestones, it was in 2002 the State of Ohio’s Third Frontier Project was initiated to expand Ohio's high-tech research capabilities and promote innovation and company formation that would create opportunities for generations to come. One of the programs under the Project is the “Wright Centers of Innovation.”   Such grants are given to support large-scale world-class research and technology development platforms designed to accelerate the pace of Ohio commercialization. Wright Centers are to be collaborations among Ohio higher education institutions, non-profit research organizations, and Ohio companies in the Biosciences.

Another program under Ohio’s Third Frontier Project is the Biomedical Research and Commercialization Program (BRCP).  This program was formerly known as the Biomedical Research and Technology Transfer (BRTT) Partnership Award Program. It was established to provide grants, which support biomedical and biotechnology research leading to Ohio commercialization and long-term improvements to the health of Ohioans. As with the Wright Centers, projects are to be collaborations among Ohio higher education institutions, non-profit research organizations, and Ohio companies.

These developments set the foundation for the award made in 2003 to The Ohio State University (PI: Michael V. Knopp, MD, PhD)  in which a $9.1 million Third Frontier Grant was received  from the Ohio Governor and $8 million from the BRTT to create the Wright Center of Innovation in Biomedical Imaging.   Since that time, the Wright Center of Innovation in Biomedical Imaging has evolved its programs and opportunities to meet the objectives set forth in the award and the leading-edge enhancements in the field of biomedical imaging.

The links below provide more details regarding the Wright Center and its resources and services.


395 W. 12th Ave. 4th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1228  
Phone:  614-293-9998 (Office)  
Fax:      614-293-9275

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Division Chief:
Michael V. Knopp, MD, PhD
Vice Chair of Research

Melanie Hughes

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