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Animal Imaging


The 4.7T/40cm MRI Facility was created as part of the Ohio Cellular and Molecular Imaging Consortium (OCMIC) with the goal to advance state of the art technology for animal imaging at the molecular, cellular and system level, to serve as a resource for medical research, biotechnology advances and pharmaceutical development, and for probing in vivo gene function, disease processes and therapeutic applications including drug delivery and trials. The goal of the Consortium is to facilitate inter-institutional collaboration between Academic Institutions in Ohio and technology transfer to Industry.


Animal MRI Facility (4.7T)
N113 Wiseman Hall
400 W. 12 th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

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Equipment at this location              

The facility houses a 4.7T/40cm magnet that is controlled by a Bruker Avance Console allowing for MR imaging and spectroscopy of

  • medium sized animals (<20cm) using the 260 mm inner diameter gradient coil (max. 100 mT/m, 280 microseconds rise time, diameter of spherical volume: 18.0 cm, shielded, water cooled) with a 200mm inner diameter proton volume RF coil, and          
  • small animals (<7cm) using the 120 mm inner diameter gradient coil (max. 400 mT/m, 170 microseconds rise time, Diameter of spherical volume: 8.0 cm, shielded, water cooled) with a 72mm inner diameter proton volume RF coil.

The Bruker Avance console uses an HP LINUX ParaVision workstation, controls a 13 order room temperature shim coil, has dual RF transmit channels (6-220 MHz, 1 kWatt pulsed with 100 Watt CW; other nuclei, 1 kWatt pulsed with 100 Watt CW) with dual broad-band frequency synthesizers, quadrature detection receiving system with a sampling rate of 2 MHz and combined 1H /19F and 13C/14N/23Na preamplifiers and 2D/31P and 3He exchangeable filters.

The system is equipped with the Bruker BioTrig monitoring unit for the display of physiological monitoring and for synchronization of MR acquisitions by using ECG or respiration triggering signals. The system is equipped with respiratory sensory pads, a temperature probe, a set of ECG electrodes and a laptop PC.       

Instrument Access / Request for usage    

  • Cost For Instrument Access

Cost of operation and maintenance of the facility will be shared by the users. Based on initial estimates for the annual operating budget (personnel costs, instrument maintenance and supplies), and comparison with rates at comparable facilities the following rates have been established. Budget, costs, and rates will be reviewed annually.

    • $320/hour for commercial and out-of-state users            
    • $200/hour reduced rate for in-state academic users            
    • $1200/day reduced daily rate for in-state academic users            
    • $40/hr for development rate

One-time free access for 10 hours will be given to start-up new projects

  • Additional Charges (these charges will be assessed if not provided by user)          
  • Animal Handling including gas anesthesia (equipment loan from ULAR), and supplies, e.g. isoflurane (at cost)          
  • Data Analysis          
  • MRI Contrast Agent - at cost          
  • Usage of Computer Workstations


Program Director:
Petra Schmalbrock, PhD

Melanie Hughes