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Imaging Core Laboratory


The Imaging Core Laboratory (ICL) through the Wright Center of Innovation at The Ohio State University performs visual reads, quantification, lesion tracking, perfusion and metabolic mapping, pharmacokinetic analysis, quantification of lesion heterogeneity, 3D segmentation and rendering in addition to conventional methodologies such as RECIST / WHO, Volume tracking and morphologic characterization.

The ICL is located on the 4th floor of 395 W. 12th Avenue.

The following are core modalities and services of the ICL that is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team:

Imaging Modalities

  • PET/CT
  • CT
  • MRI
  • X-Ray
  • Mammography
  • Nuclear Medicine studies
  • Preclinical validation for translational studies including uCT, uPET/CT, uSPECT/CT,

In final stages of development for core lab services:

  • MRS
  • Neurofunctional Imaging
  • Additional generic imaging services are offered:
  • Imaging Trial Design and GCP compliance
  • Blinded Read of diagnostic and therapy assessment studies with electronic tracking
  • Trial progress assessment and reporting
  • Site qualification
  • Site training and QA oversight
  • Compliance review
  • External trial review
  • Site visit services – virtual and on-site
  • Multi-Language support for trial information and communications
  • Trial enrollment and performance tracking with automated reporting
  • DICOM consultation services
  • Database transfer
  • caBig connectivity / consulting services



Imaging Core Lab (ICL)
Wright Center of Innovation in Biomedical Imaging
Department of Radiology
The Ohio State University
395 W. 12th Ave., Room 414
Columbus, OH 43210

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Affiliated Facilities 

The WCI-BMI continues to grow its resources, services and extended locations.  Links to other facilities:

Equipment at this location

Numerous PCs with the following existing and supported software platforms: Windows XP, Linux. Image processing software is developed platform independently using Interactive Data Language (IDL, ITT Visual Information Solutions., Boulder, CO, USA), The image processing hardware includes high performance multi core processing for computing purposes with a total storage capacity of more than 10 TB as well as data servers, PACS access points, and FTP servers. In additional there are five dedicated post processing workstations for volume data processing (Leonardo, Siemens, Erlangen, Germany), three dedicated post processing workstations for volume data processing  (Advantage Windows, GE, Milwaukee, WI) and a client-based TeraRecon system.


Program Director:
Michael V. Knopp, MD, PhD

Jun Zhang, PhD
Melanie Hughes

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