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Guang Jia, PhD

Guang Jia   Guang Jia, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Division of Imaging Science
395 W. 12th Ave., Room 414A
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 614-366-7937
Fax: 614-293-9275
Email: jia.11@osu.edu


Dr. Jia is a faculty member of OSU Biophysics Graduate Program. Dr. Jia has OSU-P status with the Graduate School and is advising MS or PhD students at The Ohio State University.

Research: My current researches focus on a novel molecular imaging technique: amide-prostate-transfer MRI, for cancer detection.  My research projects include APT-MRI of prostate cancer/bladder cancer/pancreas cancer, and hybrid PET-MRI.


Dr. Jia's scientific presentation was reported in RSNA Daily Bulletin (November 28, 2011). The report said, "Dr. Jia is continuing the current study in an additional 20 patients, and has a grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop the APT-MR imaging technique in a larger group of patients with prostate cancer. He is also collaborating with Johns Hopkins and Philips Healthcare Company of Andover, Mass., to advance APT-MR imaging into new fields like 7.0 T MR, parallel transmission and hybrid PET/MR Imaging."

RSNA 2011 Video Interview with GetInsideHealth on Dr. Jia's presentation entitled "Advancing Tumor Molecular Diagnostics Using a New Protein- based Imaging Technique: Amide Proton Transfer MRI".


Dr. Jia was invited to give a lecture in Colorado State Univeristy Animal Cancer Center in October 3, 2011. Dr. Jia spoke on, "Advancing Tumor Molecular Diagnostics Using a Protein- Based Imaging Technique: Amide Proton Transfer MRI." The lecture was hosted by Dr. David Zhang, Assistant Professor and Medical Physicist of Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences, Colorado State University.

Guang Jia has been named the American Urological Association (AUA) Foundation 2011 Outstanding Graduate Scholar and was honored at the AUA Annual Meeting on May 16 in Washington, D.C.  The AUA Foundation and EUSA Pharma (USA) Inc. were supporting his research and selected it as particularly worthy of merit after reviewing interim report packages from all of this year's graduate scholars. Guang Jia gave a brief presentation about his project, "Phase 0 MRI Study to Detect In Vivo Protein Levels in Prostate Cancer," at the annual meeting. This picture was taken with AUA Foundation Director of Research, Leo Giambarresi.

Guang Jia won RSNA Molecular Imaging Travel Award in November 2010 in Chicago.  This picture was taken with Dr. Michael V. Knopp (WCI-BMI Director), Dr. Jun Zhang, and Huyen Nguyen, a graduate student from OSU Biophysics Program.

Guang Jia, PhD, was awarded the 2009 American Urological Association Foundation Research Scholar award. The award funds research that improves patient care and outcomes for those who suffer from debilitating urological conditions. His research, "Phase 0 MRI Study to Detect In Vivo Protein Levels in Prostate Cancer," will be conducted under the mentorship of Michael Knopp, MD, PhD, director of the Wright Center of Innovation in Biomedical Imaging and vice chair of Radiology and Robert Bahnson, MD, chair of Urology. This is a two-year award of $120,000.

Guang Jia won the RSNA Trainee Research Award in November 2007 in Chicago. This picture was taken with Dr. Dunnick (Liaison for Science, RSNA) and Dr. Dodd (Chair, Program Committee, RSNA).

Guang Jia won the SNIDD Young Investigator Award (Society for Non-Invasive Imaging in Drug Development) to attend the 2006 Academy of Molecular Imaging Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Guang presented, "DICOM Crawler: A Medical Image Management Approach for Cross-sectional (CT/PET/MR) Datasets in Multicenter Trials" at RSNA 2005.


Guang Jia won the SMI Young Investigator Travel Award to attend the 3rd Annual Meeting for the Society for Molecular Imaging. Guang presented a poster titled: Assessment of Changes in Microcirculation in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia during an Experimental Pharmacotherapy: A Pre-clinical DCE-MRI Study to Assess Drug Efficiency
Authors include Guang Jia, Hannes Henry, Johannes T. Heverhagen, Hans Polzer, Thomas J. Rosol, Klaus T. Baudendistel, and Michael V. Knopp. The presentation number is 312.

Guang Jia won the Radiological Society of North America's Research Trainee Prize for a presentation on, "Assessing the Prostate Volume by MRI: A Comparison of Different Approaches for Organ Volume Analysis."  This photo is of Guang with the 2003 RSNA Trainee Award.


Guang at work in the Imaging Lab, Room 646 Means Hall.