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Robert McKenney, PhD FAAMA



Robert R. McKenney, PhD, FAAMA
Assistant Vice President
Office of Research

Adj. Assistant Professor
Radiology & Biomedical Informatics

The Ohio State University
Research Administration Building
1960 Kenny Road, Room 304
Columbus, OH 43210

O: 614-247-0090


Details about his interests and research can be found on the Community of Science web site at http://expertise.cos.com/cgi-bin/exp.cgi?id=1070719.


Primary Specialty:

Complex technical and research project development; healthcare systems and evolving technologies; strategic planning; CQI; research and oversight strategies; mobile solution opportunities; imaging technologies/innovations; partnership and outreach development; educational program development and implementation.  Imaging Research, Bioinformatics, Medical Education. Residency completed at The Ohio State University Health Service. AAMA Fellow.  

Research Interest:

Lectured and written articles particularly in the area of evolving technologies. Received research awards in the area of extending computerization into the medical and public health educational arenas and the development of outreach efforts and related mobile technologies.

- Medical student training
- Mobile technology/PDA's within the clinical, educational, and research environments
- Teleradiology and telemedicine
- Implementing informatics competencies
- Distributed learning
- Technological advancements/implementations
- Organizational and complex project development