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Name Title Phone
Chakeres, Donald W. M.D. Professor Neuroradiology 614-293-8317
Hogan, Mark M.D. Clinical Professor, Pediatrics 614-722-2289
Knopp, Michael M.D. Ph.D. Professor and Vice Chair of Research; Novartis Chair of Imaging Research; Director, Wright Center of Innovation; Division Chief, Imaging Science 614-293-9998
Hintenlang, David Ph.D. Professor and Division Chief, Medical Physics 614-722-2289
Robitaille, Pierre-M Ph.D. Professor 614-293-3046
Tweedle, Michael Ph.D. Professor, Stefanie Spielman Chair in Cancer Imaging 614-247-4427
Wani, Altaf Ph.D. Professor and Section Chief, Radiobiology 614-292-9015
White, Richard M.D. Professor and Chair of Radiology 614-293-4456
Yu, Joseph M.D. Professor, Vice Chair for Education, and Section Chief of Musculoskeletal Radiology 614-293-4480